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Case Study: Recruiting Nurses and Healthcare Workers Through Digital Marketing

Case Studies

Due to the nursing shortage in the U.S., Essentia Health is constantly looking for top-tier nursing candidates to staff its 15 hospitals and 74 clinics in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. It launched a digital marketing campaign with a local agency to help with recruiting but yielded little return on investment (ROI) for its high cost.

MedTouch worked with Essentia Health to restructure its efforts and create targeted, well-managed digital marketing recruitment campaigns designed for nursing recruitment and recruitment for other key healthcare professionals. Our work resulted in clear wins for the Essentia team:

  • More than 151% increase in conversions
  • More than $162 reduction in cost per lead (CPL)

Our Successful Strategy

As part of our comprehensive digital marketing recruitment strategy, MedTouch:

  • Streamlined the campaign’s reach, focusing on the channels where job seekers were searching (i.e., Google and Facebook)
  • Created custom landing pages focused on conversions that made it easy for job seekers to apply for a position
  • Used Facebook lead-generation recruitment ads to encourage job seekers to enter information in an on-page form or use auto-populated information stored in their Facebook accounts, rather than having to link out to landing pages
  • Geo-targeted nurse recruitment ads to employees of a competitor that had recently announced nurse layoffs, thus reaching likely job seekers with the skills Essentia needed

MedTouch worked closely with Essentia to target job seekers for specific positions that were in high demand. These included:

  • Registered nurses (RNs)
  • Clinical assistants/licensed practical nurses (LPNs)
  • Medical coders
  • Medical lab techs
  • Nursing assistants
  • Pharmacists
  • Phlebotomists
  • Security officers

Prior to MedTouch taking over the campaign, Essentia had 203 conversions from April to August 2017 at an average CPL of $242.76. Our results in the first year of managing Essentia’s campaign were impressive:

  • Nearly 43% increase in conversions year over year
  • More than 57% decrease in CPL year over year

In year two, we further refined the recruitment campaign, increasing our use of Facebook lead-generation ads due to their high return on investment (ROI) for this demographic. Our team also developed a custom tool to automatically deliver leads from Facebook form fills in a streamlined way to Essentia for immediate follow-up — an option not automatically available in Facebook campaigns. This also enabled improved reporting on Facebook campaign success.

These adjustments led to even better results in our second year of managing Essentia’s recruitment marketing efforts. Over the last two years of managing Essentia’s digital recruitment marketing efforts, MedTouch has achieved the following results:

  • Increased conversions by more than 151%
  • Decreased CPL by more than 66%

marketing conversion and cpl

If you need the expertise and support of a research-driven digital partner with proven results in the healthcare recruitment marketing space, we’re ready to help. Contact MedTouch at 866-638-6824, or email us.

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