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Listen Up! 9 Healthcare Podcasts for Summertime (or Anytime) Listening

MedTouch Marketing

Have you discovered podcasts? If you’re one of the 73 million Americans who listens to podcasts every month, the answer’s an emphatic “yes!” There’s an abundance of them available, their production values are impressively high, and they uniquely engage your brain without needing a screen.

Now, with summer in full swing, podcasts are more than ever a perfect accompaniment to walking, cooking, commuting, or relaxing on a beach. Here’s 9 of our favorite podcasts for healthcare marketers:

  1. touch-point
    touch pointtouch•point discusses digital marketing and online patient engagement strategies for hospitals, health systems, and physician practices. Hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer dive deep into a variety of topics each week on the digital tools, solutions, strategies, and processes that are shaping the healthcare industry today.
  2. The #HCBiz Show
    The #HCBiz Show is a practical podcast for innovators and entrepreneurs about the business of healthcare. We all want innovation, but if you don’t understand the complex dynamics of the healthcare business, you’ll never get traction. Don Lee and Shahid Shah identify the issues that impede change, explain why they exist, and discuss ways to work with, through, or around them.
  3. Healthcare Rap
    Healthcare RapHospital marketers Jared Johnson and Peter Balistrieri boldly promise that the Healthcare Rap will drop truth like an atom bomb and have knowledge flowing like Niagara Falls. Who can resist that? Each week, they challenge assumptions that have been holding back healthcare marketing and ask how insiders can do better. There’s rapping, too!
  4. Dr. Marketing Tips
    Want to stay a few steps ahead of questions from your physician colleagues? In each episode of Dr. Marketing Tips, Jennifer and Corey invite medical practice and physician marketing leaders to discuss patient satisfaction, online reputation management, video, patient testimonials, website updates, SEO, print material, design, and much more.
  5. Digital Health Today
    Digital Health Today features the innovators, leaders, and pioneers reshaping health and wellness. From patients and clinicians to inventors and investors, Dan Kendall hosts guests from around the world as they share insights and knowledge from the front lines of health tech innovation. A check-in with virtual reality expert Dr. Brennan Spiegel? Count us in!
  6. Get Social Health
    Get Social HealthWith infectious enthusiasm, host Janet Kennedy interviews healthcare professionals to provide real-life examples of social media and marketing in action. The show’s on hiatus at the moment, but Janet tells us it’ll be back soon. Until then, go back and listen to some of her classic episodes. Our favorite? Check out Janet’s 2017 chat with social media expert Mari Smith.
  7. Boddities
    We all know STAT for its insightful and and tough-minded journalism about life sciences and the business of making medicines. But, the team has a fun side, too. Boddities, a delightfully quirky series from Megan Thielking, explores the questions that matter: Why do you see spots when you look at bright lights? Why does it hurt to get water up your nose? Why doesn’t your stomach eat itself?
  8. TED Health
    TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. While originally focused on the intersection of technology, entertainment, and design, their talks now cover pretty much any topic imaginable. Their health playlists are especially impressive. We recommend starting with “Let’s redesign the medical experience!”, “The future of medicine” and “What doctors worry about.
  9. Charged
    ChargedWomen take the lead on many healthcare decisions, but for decades men have dominated most public conversations in medicine, health science, and research. Charged, produced by Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital is changing this. In each episode, you’ll meet passionate and talented women at the forefront of some of the most significant innovations in healthcare. Start with the interview with MGH’s Chief Marketing officer, Misty Hathaway, and you’ll be hooked.

Launch your favorite podcast listening app and queue up a bunch of these! If you find some new favorites, share your discoveries with all of us on Twitter. And, if you have other favorite healthcare podcasts, we’d love to know about them, too.

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