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How You Measure Is How You Act

Karlen Ruleman

Do you remember asking the question in high school, “Will this be on the test?” Our grades were our “key metric” back then, and they shaped our behavior—whether to invest in studying a concept or how much effort to put into homework.

Similarly, how we measure ourselves at work—or how others measure us—can drive what we focus on and how we invest our own time and others’. In other words, how you measure is how you act.

When metrics and goals don’t match

Often in business, metrics don’t measure the actual objectives. For example, maybe your attention is on bounce rate, but you should be focused on engagement. I know in my suite of metrics in operations at MedTouch, there are a couple of metrics that get a lot of my attention. There also are other metrics that I don’t use because, even though I know they are even more important, they are difficult to calculate.

Perhaps you can empathize. For our healthcare clients, this can happen when online conversions are measured, but failure to connect the dots in the call center results in lost opportunities or missed measurements.

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Planning for the new year can be a great time to start fresh on your goals and to rethink your KPIs:

  • What do you want to achieve? To achieve that, what do you need to achieve?
  • What gaps in systems are preventing you from achieving or measuring your goals?
  • Where do you need to ramp up the collaboration across functions? Perhaps search engine marketing, a fresh website design, or a new site altogether?
  • How can you prove return on investment (ROI) for your hard work?

The ‘holy grail’ metric for marketers is ROI. It also happens to be one of the hardest to measure. At MedTouch we’ve partnered with clients on this journey, and we invite you to hear their stories in our panel webinar, “If All We Want Is ROI, Why Is it So Hard to Get?” Listen to the podcast.

Join Sandra Fancher, our Chief Strategy Officer, to discuss the unique struggles of achieving and proving ROI in healthcare. Joining her with valuable insights and expertise are:

  • John Berg, Vice President, System Marketing, SCL Health System
  • Daphne Tam, Director of Marketing, UC Irvine Health
  • Dave Tytell, Director of Marketing, MIT Medical

If you could use some guidance, or even a sounding board, for what key metrics to pursue in 2018 and how to attain them, connect with us. Our strategists and professionals are poised to help you turn 2018 into a year of achievement of your organization’s digital marketing goals.

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