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Q&A with 4x Sitecore’s MVP Award Winner Yogesh Patel

Q&A with 4x Sitecore’s MVP Award Winner Yogesh Patel
February 09, 2017

Yogesh PatelCongratulations to Yogesh Patel, MedTouch Senior .NET Developer, for his recognition as a 4x winner of Sitecore’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Technologist Award!

The MedTouch team spoke with Yogesh on the evolution of Sitecore, his passion for Sitecore and personalization, and his experience at MedTouch.


Why Sitecore?

YP: I love Sitecore. I’ve been working with Sitecore since 2009.  In my own words, Sitecore is an organic CMS.  They have a great roadmap and stick to it.

Sitecore makes it easy for developers to understand. Once developers are familiar with Sitecore, they can easily adopt to new features added due to its solid architecture, consistency and quality. You cannot get a better architecture than Sitecore. Sitecore always makes the best use of .NET framework and features, such as security, personalization, caching, and performance. 

I’ve worked with Sitecore for seven years and can still say that I'm new to Sitecore. Every Sitecore upgrade comes with new and ground breaking features for developers, marketers, and content authors. I’m learning new things in Sitecore every day.

Earlier, publishing 10,000 items took 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Now it can be done in just a minute or less. Sitecore is focusing on everyone’s performance – for developers, content authors, marketers, and customers. That is the best thing about Sitecore – they are trying to make everyone happy.


What’s different about the MedTouch approach to Sitecore?

YP:  As I said, with Sitecore, the architecture is amazing. And the framework we’ve developed at MedTouch for Sitecore is very robust. As a new developer, once I understood how common taxonomy concepts needed to be enforced, it was easy to develop, easy to implement, and easy to maintain.

I found that most industries are only now starting to implement this kind of architecture.

The client-focused mindset at MedTouch gives long term benefits like ownership, responsibility, consistency and long-term vision as opposed to project-aligned mindsets. With a project-focus, companies think of every project as different and for the short-term.

While personalization is new, especially for healthcare, the way we are developing the websites for clients is really excellent. We are creating the standard – both for Sitecore and for the industry.


How is Personalization changing your work?

YP:  The concept sounds simple: do not show the content you want to show to your customers but show the content they are looking for. This is personalization.  Any content you see on the website can be personalized.

If I am on a healthcare website and I search for “heart,” I am interested in seeing heart information. On every page, I want to see personalized content available for me so that it is easy for me to find the content I am looking for. It is really time for personalization and giving a better experience to patients.

For example, for Banner Health (www.bannerhealth.com), we have customized content based on geolocation that extends to news, events, landing pages, and service line content.

I was recently checking the surveys of healthcare websites and, surprisingly, I found that 44-50% of patients were searching for hospitals from their mobile device and scheduling an appointment in the same session. And seriously, I could not believe it!


What excites you about MedTouch?

YP:  Awesome culture and the colleagues!

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